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Man braucht kein Geld (1932) – IMDb

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Movie: Man braucht kein Geld (1932) – IMDb “Family Brandt has lost its fortune in , and they have great debts at the . This one is threatened with its own crash due to lack of money. The only hope is Brandt's uncle , an American millionaire, who is coming for a visit. uses his own money to welcome him properly, presenting himself as Brandt's daughter's fiance, but it turns out, that Hoffmann never was a mil... [Leggi tutto]

Mai più l'amore (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: ù l'amore (1931) – IMDb “An American millionaire, who had always bad luck with women, bets that he can live without them for five years. But after four and a half years travling around on his yacht, he rescues a lady from drowning in the . Written by <>” ... [Leggi tutto]

IMDb – Peach-O-Reno (1931)

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Movie: IMDb – Peach-O-Reno (1931) “After a quarrell at their 25th wedding aniversery, Joe and decide to divorce each other, and both leave for Reno. So do their daughters and , but they want to get their parents back to gether. Joe and Aggie, accidentally, are becoming clients at the same lawfirm, Wattles and Swift, which is the biggest and most succesful in town. But being on the opposide sides in the same case is not the only problem for Wattles and Swift,... [Leggi tutto]

IMDb – Il cammino verso la vita (1931)

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Movie: IMDb – Il cammino verso la vita (1931) “Young hobos are brought to a new camp to become good Soviet citizens. This camp works without any guards, and it works well. But crooks kill one of the young people when they try to damage the newly build railroad to that camp. Written by <>” ... [Leggi tutto]

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