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L'uomo dal pianeta X (1951) – IMDb

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Movie: L'uomo dal pianeta X (1951) – IMDb “To study a rogue planet heading for a near-miss with Earth, Prof. sets up an observatory on the foggy moors of a remote , with his pretty daughter and Dr. Mears, a former student with a shady past. Soon after arrival of , a ship from Planet X just happens to land near the observatory. Is the visitor (who actually looks alien) benevolent? What are Mears' real motives for trying to communic... [Leggi tutto]

Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956) – IMDb

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Movie: (1956) – IMDb “When American investigates a series of mysterious disasters off the coast of , he comes face to face with an ancient creature so powerful and so terrifying, it can reduce to a smoldering graveyard. Nuclear weapon testing resurrected this relic from the Jurassic age, and now it's rampaging across Japan. At night, wades through Tokyo leaving death and destruction in his wake, disappeari... [Leggi tutto]

La donna di platino (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: La donna di platino (1931) – IMDb “ loves reporter who marries Anne. He's soon born being married to a socialite and asks Gallagher to help him write a play. She arrives with a bunch of reporters and the mansion turns into a party. Anne arrives and orders them out and goes with them. Written by Ed Stephan <>” ... [Leggi tutto]

X Marks the Spot (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: X Marks the Spot (1931) – IMDb “The story begins in 1923 where after an accident, a newspaper needs to raise $5,000 to pay for an operation, otherwise his young sister will be crippled for life. The desperate is finally able to get the cash from a shady acquaintance, Riggs. Eight years later in , circumstances conspire to place the as the number one suspect in the murder of a showgirl. With no witness or alibi, the devises a plan to ... [Leggi tutto]

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