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Il cervello di Frankenstein (1948) – IMDb

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Movie: Il cervello di Frankenstein (1948) – IMDb “The world of freight handlers and is turned upside down when the remains of Frankenstein's monster and arrive from to be used in a house of horrors. awakens and escapes with the weakened monster, who he plans to re-energize with a new brain. (the Wolfman) arrives from in an attempt to thwart . 's is the beautiful Dr. ... [Leggi tutto]

Manhattan Parade (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: Manhattan Parade (1931) – IMDb “The is being run super-efficiently by Roberts, but her husband demands that she give up her position to stay at home with their young son. Without her wheeling and dealing skills the company starts to lose money and when leaves for on a tryst, Doris returns to save the firm. Hooking up with an and a pair of theatrical backers, the costume company seems to be on the road ... [Leggi tutto]

Volubilità (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: Volubilità (1931) – IMDb “Lisbeth is a modern woman who thinks that marriage is old fashioned. She has two men in her life; Steve, who wants to marry her and Alan, who wants her to travel with him. Despite all the warnings by her friends and family, Lisbeth goes to with Alan where she is happy until she finds out that he has a wife in and that he is leaving for his next job without her. Devastated, she spends a few years in being the life of the party.... [Leggi tutto]

IMDb – Madame Julie (1931)

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Movie: IMDb – Madame Julie (1931) “ and meet and fall in love on the ship returning them from . But once in , where Julie owns a boutique, she tries to break off their romance, telling Paul she's married. At the same time, Julie's stepdaughter, , plans a welcome home party for her brother, , after his extended absence. He left in a huff when his father, , planned to marry shortly after his mother died, and never met the ... [Leggi tutto]

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