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The Man from Death Valley (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: The Man from (1931) – IMDb “ and ride out of Death Valley, heading for the town of , but stop to rest in Alkali Springs, twenty miles from . Walking along the saloon porch, they overhear through an open window, two unseen men plotting to rob the that afternoon. One is a Spanish voice and the other American. Dave and for Mesa to get there before the hold-up and, there, they see the men whose voices they had heard; Jeffri... [Leggi tutto]

Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (1931) – IMDb

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Movie: Goes Hollywood (1931) – IMDb “ Windy Riley is crossing from to in his car. However a wrong traffic plate in the desert misguides him and her goes to Hollywood instead. Windy loses his car to the since he has not paid the last installment, but the Repo Man runs into the car of a and falsely blames Windy for the accident. The man sends Windy to work in the to pay for the damages in hi... [Leggi tutto]

La follia della metropoli (1932) – IMDb

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Movie: La follia della metropoli (1932) – IMDb “It's the 1930s, the Depression era, and the 's Dickson to merge with and resign. He refuses. One night, Dickson's is robbed of $100,000. The suspect is , an ex-convict whom Dickson hired and appointed . Brown, who's very loyal to Dickson, refuses to say where he was that night. He actually has two witnesses for his alibi, Mrs. Dic... [Leggi tutto]

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